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Phlyte Gummies – Phlyte Risk – Sativa (1000mg)

20 Gummies (50mg per gummy) Flavor: Blue Raspberry …

Phlyte Gummies – Red Eye – Indica (1000mg)

20 Gummies (50mg per gummy) Flavor: Watermelon …

Phlyte Gummies – Round Trip – Hybrid (1000mg)

20 Gummies (50mg per gummy) Flavors: Cotton Candy …

The Right Gummies For Your Sleep Regimen

Across the USA, sleep deficit is a significant problem. It is estimated that as many as 35% of adults get less than seven hours of sleep a night, and up to 30 million people experience significant intermittent sleep problems every year.

Taking gummies for sleep is a natural way to allow the body and mind to enter into a state of restful relaxation. At Phylte, we offer the best THC gummies, THCP gummies, and Delta 9 gummies to help you sleep, get energized, or feel uplifted and creative.

The Best Gummies for Energy and Mood

If you’re looking to elevate your mood or feel more energized for that upcoming party or vacation, the Sativa and Hybrid gummies from Phlyte will provide you with a first-class ticket to an outstanding experience. Our gummies are packed with 50mg of carefully selected cannabinoid formulas to deliver an impactful journey that you’ll never forget!

Our Commitment to Providing the Best Delta 9 Gummies

Phlyte can offer the best D9 gummies and THCP, THC, and HHC-P gummies through our quality-controlled manufacturing processes. We start with quality hemp, use the most efficient extraction methods, and choose only the best ingredients for our selection. This includes our 50mg gummies that come in a variety of flavors, from cotton candy and blue raspberry to the always popular watermelon 50mg gummy option.

When you want the best HHC-P gummies or the best THCP Gummies, Phlyte is the first place to shop. We offer Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains in our gummies, ensuring we have the ideal formulation for your relaxation, sleep, energy, and wellness goals. These are packaged for freshness and come with twenty gummies per container.

On orders containing any of our cannabinoid products, including TCH gummies, free shipping is available when you spend over a hundred dollars. For more information, reach out to the team through our online form.

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