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Enjoy The Best Selection Of The Strongest Infused Prerolls

One of the most convenient ways to enjoy the wellness benefits of quality hemp flower is to choose from our selection of exceptional pre-rolls. Phlyte offers the strongest infused preroll formulation, ensuring you get the best in cannabinoids and the most complete wellness benefits to keep up with your active lifestyle.

The Best Preroll for Relaxation and Daytime Use

Our preroll selection includes Phlyte Risk, a wonderful Sativa pre roll that helps you feel creative, energized, and also calm and relaxed to be able to focus on the day. Our Round Trip hybrid pre roll is perfect for the morning through to the evening, providing a balance of enhanced mood and clarity while also helping to calm your stress and just enjoy life.

For relaxation, the Red Eye Indica pre roll is the ideal solution for comfortable afternoons and into the early evening. This is the best preroll for relaxation, providing that sense of deep relaxation for both the body and the mind. As one of the strongest infused preroll options on the market, it is highly effective in helping you wind down after an active day and get a great night’s sleep once you’re ready to go to bed. As with all potent cannabinoid-fueled products, our prerolls are best enjoyed on the weekends, on vacation, or before a night with friends to ensure an elevated and unforgettable experience.

Cannabinoids in our Prerolls

Each of our infused pre-rolls offers consistent rolling for a smooth, even smoke. Each preroll contains natural terpenes and flavors, natural cannabinoids, and premium CBG flower, kief, and most importantly, Phlyte’s signature blend of concentrate for additional impact and benefits.

Individually packaged for freshness and quality, our prerolls are the ideal option for those who enjoy an occassional smoke or as part of their regular wellness routine.

For more information on our pre rolls or other hemp-derived products, contact the team at Phlyte.

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