Wholesale Edibles That Your Customers Will Love

Of all the formulations of cannabis on the market today, gummies are the product that consumers regard as most user-friendly. This is true for first-time cannabinoid users as well as those who have enjoyed the benefits of hemp for years.

Gummies are discrete, taste great, and provide a sustained enjoyment of the wellness benefits associated with hemp extract and carefully selected cannabinoids. Our signature blend formulation is specially developed for each of our products, adding to the entourage effect. Each gummy offers 50mg of cannabinoids, with most of our customers choosing just one gummy per serving to maximize wellness benefits.

Choosing Our Weed Gummies Wholesale Program

Our wholesale THC gummies come in three flavors, blue raspberry, watermelon, and cotton candy. Each of the wholesale edibles contains only the best hemp extract that is harvested using supercritical CO2 extraction methods for the cleanest and purest concentrate. Our processing and packaging ensure gummies are fresh, flavorful, and highly effective in Sativa, Indica, or hybrid strains.

While our bulk THC gummies are sold at a discounted price to our wholesale customers, they are still the quality product you have come to expect from the Phlyte brand. As your cannabis gummies wholesaler, we provide independent, third-party testing on all our wholesale THC gummies and other products.

If you are interested in learning more about our wholesale THC gummies, or want to try our discounted starter pack of products, contact the team at Phlyte. As your wholesaler, we offer dedicated account managers, full support, and assistance in ensuring your orders match your sales needs.

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